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"I shared my calendar because I knew I could trust
Tri-Starr would only schedule interviews with top-tier, uniquely qualified talent. They have streamlined my entire hiring process. I don’t have to recruit anymore, just interview." -T&E CLIENT

"Throughout the process of finding my dream job, Tri-Starr was my advisor, my confidant, my therapist, my agent, my negotiator, and my career coach. It takes a village and I’m happy I found mine." -G&A CANDIDATE

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Let a recruiter find you a job

With little information, our recruiter can match you with a job. 

Find immediate job opportunities.

See who is hiring NOW.

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Get Started.

With little information, we can start recruiting for you.

We're disrupting the hiring experience

30+ years of staffing partnered with AI Technology. 

Looking for a career change?

Find your next team member?


Growing companies and building legacies

by MATCHING the BEST people with the BEST companies 

For our candidates...

Our goal is to help YOU find the BEST CAREER while providing you with the absolute BEST RESOURCES POSSIBLE.

We will coach you through updating your RESUME, helping you understand your value to the marketplace (i.e., SALARIES & BENEFITS), and coaching you through the INTERVIEW process -- our Recruiters are with you ALL THE WAY!

For our clients...

We recognize the increased difficulty in RECRUITING and HIRING QUALITY PEOPLE. 
There is a new emphasis and demand for Human Resource teams to manage the WELL-BEING and 

This leaves no capacity t
talent to build your internal teams, which grow your company's bottom line. 

Client Experiences

"My area of greatest need was not having the time to source, identify and interview the level of quality candidates that my company demands. By utlizing Tri-Starr's MTS service, they were able to provide me a short-stack of quality people, vetted and ready to be interviewed. I hired someone inside 5 business days."

Branch Vice President
Interlinc Mortgage

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