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College Graduate

Are you a recent Grad?

Are you a recent graduate or about to graduate and need clarity on what your best options are for employment?

Tri-Starr is in the business of employment.

This is kind of our thing.

You've come to the right spot.


Tri-Starr is hiring now.

Come work with us!

Have a Recruiter find 

me a job for FREE!

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College Grad

Employment Resource

College Grads today have many questions concerning their long-term careers. Allow our team to give you some tips related to:
- Standing out from the crowd.
- What companies are looking for today.
- How to thrive through a pandemic economy. 
- and more.

Come work with us!

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Imagine your friends telling you how bad they want to work in the Information Technology space, by working at Tri-Starr, you can actually do something about it!

We also have fun doing it!
San Antonio Business Journal ranked Tri-Starr one of the Best Places to Work in 2020 & 2021!

Just a few of our clients we work with


The pandemic's unique toll on RECENT GRADUATES.

  • There is a lot of uncertainty...allow us to help.

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Common Unknowns:

  • You don't have to be over 50 years old to utilize a recruiter to help you find a job.

  • It is like having your own employee working for you everyday...for FREE!

  • Tri-Starr takes pride in having direct relationships with the Hiring Mangers of major corporations.

  • Companies pay Tri-Starr to find you!  So it doesn't cost you a thing!

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