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How does HR respond to COVID-19?

Join in as we interview Maureen Cook, HR Manager at Futaba. 

With over 330 employees, handling the adjustments to this economy was priority number one.

Hosted by Tri-Starr Group / Video Details: Hear from Maureen Cook on how Futaba has reacted to COVID-19.

Many companies are still struggling to adjust and adapt to the still fluctuating COVID-19 economy. Together with Futaba, we wanted to offer some insight as to what they are doing within HR to better their employee's experience.

With over 330 employees, Futaba resides on the Toyota Plant property in San Antonio. With National headquarters in Chicago and Global headquarters in Japan, you can imagine the potential issues they faced during this time. 

Take a few minutes to review this video to learn what Maureen and her team did to respond quickly, keep employees confidence high and push through COVID-19 with flying colors.

Guest Speaker

Maureen Cook

HR Manager, Futaba Industrial Co, LTD.

Maureen has an extensive background in human resources having been in the industry for over 30 years. She is currently overseeing 330+ employees for Futaba Industrial Co, LTD. 

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