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Information Technology

Bringing people to your process and technology

We are partnering Data and AI Technologies with Human Intelligence to provide our clients with the best quality people in the IT space. 

Our Relationships:

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Utilize the Experts

'I have 5 internal recruiters on staff that couldn't find me the A+ talent that I was looking for. With Tri-Starr we spend more time interviewing the right people and less time sourcing through piles of resumes across varies sources.'

To Disrupt the IT Staffing Experience.

We are an IT company with 30+ years of staffing experience.

We were IT

We know IT

We lived IT

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Reduce your spend

Our job board spend wasn't producing the results we needed. We struggled to balance the increasing expense of searching and sourcing quality talent. Before Tri-Starr we were spending too much money and time reviewing candidate databases and job boards. Partnering with Tri-Starr has helped us find the best technical talent for our team, and along the way eliminate our companies job board expense.

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Its not about offering more, its about 

taking more off your desk.

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Let a recruiter find you a job. 

With a little information, our recruiter can match you with a job. 

Find immediate job opportunities.

See who is hiring NOW.

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Get Started.

With a little information, we can start recruiting for you.

We're disrupting the hiring experience. 

30+ years of staffing partnered with AI technology. 

Looking for a career change?

Find your next team member?

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