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Hear from Marc Brungardt, President of Foresite Managed Services. 

What are the concerns your company should be focused on right now due to COVID-19?

What are some of the tips that Foresite implemented and was prepared for prior to?

Hosted by Tri-Starr Group / Video Details: Insight on how your company should be responding regarding IT/Digital vulnerability. 

Many companies are still struggling to adjust and adapt to the still fluctuating COVID-19 economy. Together with Foresite, Tri-Starr wants to offer insight as to how an IT company has prepared and responded to the COVID-19 issue. 

  • What are the steps your company should be taking right now in response to digital vulnerability?

  • How can you best prepare for something in the future?

  • What are some of the elements of surprise facing all companies digitally?

Take a few minutes to review this video to learn what Marc and his team did to respond quickly, keep employee's confidence high and push through COVID-19 with flying colors.

Guest Speaker

Marc Brungardt

President, Foresite Managed Services

Marc has an extensive background in the Information Technology space. With Foresite, they offer a wide variety of managed services for companies and they are one of the best at doing so. 

Marc Burngardt.png



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