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See for yourself how Tri-Starr is disrupting the staffing industry

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delivers all your candidate sourcing.

Managed Technical Sourcing (MTS)

At Tri-Starr, we are focusing more today than ever before on what our clients needs are and how to help them adapt to the changes in the hiring industry.


MTS enables you to:

  • Gain access to talent that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Access to 530+ million people across continuously refreshed digital sources. 

  • Reduce your staffing investment while not diminishing the quality of candidates. 

  • Own your candidate list.

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Every company has different needs.

So we are breaking down the process into easier and more cost effective ways for our clients to benefit from our services. 

AI Sourcing & Machine Learning Matching Technology

Human Intelligence Powered Recruiting

White Glove


We provide Access to candidates from over 1,000 different candidate sources. Cross referenced with our 30+ year old contact database, we simply have access to candidates that no one else does.
Our team can create a customized recruiting strategy that fits your exact hiring needs, timelines, and budget.  
Our team consists of senior recruiters, interviewers, and sourcers which allows us to identify, qualify, and technically vet candidates at great scale quickly. 

Not every company needs a full-service Recruiting Relationship.

Allow our team to listen to your exact hiring needs and build you a plan specific to those needs.

We give you access to a large network of technically vetted candidates that are screened according to your requirements.

We pride ourselves on having IT professionals on our internal recruiting teams, to enhance our ability to find you the IT professional you need.

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