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Why are Organizations Being Compromised?

Specifically when it comes to Phishing.

What is it? How to identify it? What to do when it happens?

Hosted by Tri-Starr Group and Foresite Managed Security / Webinar Details: Tuesday June 16th / 10:00 AM

Collectively Foresite has over four decades of providing Incident Response Services.  Lately, during these engagements we have noticed trends on why organizations are being compromised.  We are going to share with you these use cases and educate you on how to avoid being vulnerable.  If the worst does occur and your organization is compromised, we will arm you with tips on how to recover.  


During this webinar we will also discuss what the new NIST release (SP1800-26) really means when it comes to ransomware and email.  


As an added benefit, for all attendees, we will be providing a free Security Questionnaire that will help you identify where to start when it comes to preparing an effective Incident Response plan.  


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Jana Berton - Host

John Wolf - Speaker

General Manger, Tri-Starr Group

VP of Security Services, Foresite Managed Security

Jana has an extensive background in IT having worked with small, medium and large businesses over the last 10+ years. She is a master in organizing problems in simple solutions and helping clients find the root cause of issues.


John is well rounded in information security processes with expertise in network, application, and personnel security, incident response and digital forensic processes and program development, and threat intelligence.

He is currently leading a team of specialists that focus on Security Assessments and Incident Response service delivery. 

John is certified CISSP, PA-QSA and key member of the PCI council.

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