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How to Stay Safe When Returning to The Workplace During COVID-19

Since March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of employers across the United States to transition to remote work. Now, as we prepare to bid farewell to 2020, those same employers are beginning – slowly but steadily – to return to the workplace.  

The specific protocols that are in place to facilitate the return to work vary from business to business and region to region. That said, there are also some guidelines put forward by federal agencies to ensure a safe, orderly, and responsible return to work.  

Employers must be aware of these guidelines and implement them into their reopening strategies. At the same time, employees also have a responsibility to do everything that they can to minimize risk to themselves and their colleagues as they return to the workplace. 

With that in mind, this article will highlight three straightforward ways that employees can help to ensure a safe and healthy return to work. 

Tips for Staying Safe During the Return to Work 

After almost nine consecutive months of lockdown, many people have begun to flout specific public safety measures. But it’s important to remember that this virus is still very much among us, and a spike in cases has the potential to return to any city, state, or region at a moment’s notice. Therefore, each of us needs to continue to do our part to stay as safe and conscientious as possible. 

If your employer has recently announced an upcoming return to the workplace, here are three practices that you should adopt to maximize your own safety, as well as the safety of those around you: 

  • Stay informed. Be sure you communicate with your employer well ahead of time to understand the specific health and safety policies they’ll implement during the return to work. 

  • Stay home if you start experiencing any symptoms. Even if you start feeling just slightly under the weather, you may ultimately save someone’s life by staying home. 

  • Routinely clean and sanitize your work area. Make sure you’re consistently washing your hands per the CDC’s guidelines, disinfecting your work area, and thoroughly cleaning public spaces (such as surfaces in the company dining area) as soon as you’ve finished using them.  

Learn More About Maintaining Health and Safety During the Return to Work

At Tri-Starr Group, we’re committed to working with employees to keep their careers moving forward during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. To learn more about our services and about best practices for returning to work, please contact us today!

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