Launching January 2021

The #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software.

Tri-Starr's  Talent Showcase

now with 24 hour a day, 7 day a week online submittal service.


Talent Intelligence Platform

Hiring and recruiting automation that grows smarter with you

AI-powered product suite guides recruiters to the perfect candidate match every time, while cutting out 80% of the work.

Submit your request now and allow our AI software to be put to work for your business asap.

Our software now allows us to find any person with the world's largest talent graph

With this partnership, we gain access to 530+ million people across 95 data sources with verified phone and emails. This AI technology continuously refreshes billions of data attributes, creating the world's most valuable talent map.

Automating our outreach means faster and better access to candidate for your business.

With a simple click of a button our recruiters now have the ability to data mine candidates that meet your specific Job Description needs and begin the vetting process immediately.

Tri-Starr just gave you access to the world's best employees you didn't know where living in your back yard.


Founder & CEO

We will provide you with immediate details on candidates that fit your Job Descriptions. 


Tech Lead

When you need a quality fit and fast...Tri-Starr now has the ability to find them. 


Office Manager

Quality employees, seeking quality companies and jobs. Allow Tri-Starr's new AI software to work for your business today.


Reduction in Cost

A decrease in cost across the entire talent lifecycle including cost to source and hire.


Time to Hire

Sourcing and workflow automation has drastically increased speed and reduced time to hire the perfect match.


Customer Satisfaction

We regularly ask our customers to rate how well we're doing. Short answer is they love us.

Allow Tri-Starr's Talent Showcase to go to work for you.

Find the best talent today.


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