Tri-Starr's Client Growth Program

If your company is fortunate enough to be growing during this volatile economy, finding quality employees to help sustain your growth is a serious challenge.

Submit your info to REQUEST STAFF immediately.

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Our business is you.

We have employed some of the best internal staff on the market. It's kind of our thing. The best Recruiters in the industry, the best specialist in their fields and the marketing to get your name out.
Most of what we design is specially for the purpose of supporting our clients, but heavily focused on finding quality people. All of our advertising, marketing and nitch market campaigns are design for you, our client. To help us find you the best candidates in your market and fast.
We may have built it, but these tools are built for you. 
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Our Business is helping staff the best quality and best fit candidate for your specific needs. 

We are so confident we will meet your needs, we back it with a

5 Year Replacement Guarantee.

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"If you haven't found the candidate you are looking for, you haven't called us yet!"

Let Tri-Starr's Upgrade Our Staff program help your business find the quality employees you need..

Allow one of talented account mangers to assist you with your questions. 








Tri-Starr's exclusive Candidate Discovery program

is immediately available to help your business

find the best quality people,

ready to work...first.

Tri-Starr's First To Work Campaign
focused on finding quality employees ready to work.

Free downloads

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Safely Back to Work
Best Practices Protocols
PDF to download
Site Survey Checklist
Best Practices Protocols
See the Checklist Staffing companies use
to ensure we are being as safe as possible during this time. Feel free to adapt and use it for your business.
.doc to download

Put our First To Work Campaign to work for your business.

  • Tri-Starr's Advertisement Budget

  • Tri-Starr's Web Design

  • Tri-Starr's Lead Pages

  • Tri-Starr's Recruiting Staff

  • YOUR Quality Employee

Intentional marketing campaign designed to discover quality candidates.

  • Mass scale marketing

  • Nitch market funneling processes

  • First class lead generation websites

  • Immediate Response Automation

  • Internal Rockstarr Recruiting Team to vet all submittals

  • Quality candidate ready to work

Specific targeted advertising to candidates seeking jobs.







all this with your business in mind

We advertised on social media, news channels and OTT outlets like Netflix and Hulu. 
All advertisements are funneled to our .com for lead submission.
We have 100's of candidates submit their info to be the first back to work.
Our rockstar recruiters contact each candidate asap and assess their capabilities and desire.
The goal is to identify the best of the candidate pool, people that are eager to work and ready now for your business to hire!
Upgrade Your Team
Our clients are the beneficiary of our entire program. Allow our system to work for you.
100,000+ impressions
from our paid advertisement
Specifically Designed Site
Helps candidates submit in 45 seconds or less.
Internal Automation
Once a lead is submitted, our internal team is notified immediately.
Rockstarr Recruiters
Our internal team makes contact with all candidates and begins our vetting process.
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The Tri-Starr Group is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to recruiting, employing, training, promoting and developing individuals without discrimination because of race, color, religion, gender, status, sex, national origin, citizenship, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation, age or any other protected status. Rules and Referrals subject to change at any time. $500 is paid via gift card. Referral is paid after candidate is placed or services are provided and contract is paid to Tri-Starr. Tri-Starr is not held liable for any responsibilities pertaining to this referral.
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